Investors intending to set up in Kenya may find it challenging to import certain goods into the country. The East African Community Custom Management Act outline goods that are either completely prohibited or restricted from importation into the country. Below table outline such prohibited and restricted good. For the restricted goods an importer must have all the necessary approvals before the goods can be allowed into the country.

1.False money and counterfeit currency notes and coins and any money not being of the established standard in weight or fitness. 
2.Pornographic materials in all kinds of media, indecent or obscene printed paintings, books, cards, lithographs or other engravings, and any other indecent or obscene articles.
3.Matches in the manufacture of which white phosphorus has been employed.
4.Any article made without proper authority with the Armorial Ensigns or Coat of Arms of a partner state or having such Ensigns or Arms so closely resembling them as to be calculated to deceive.
5.Distilled beverages containing essential oils or chemical products, which are injurious to health, including thijone, star arise, benzoic aldehyde, salicyclic esters, hyssop and absinthe. 
6.Narcotic drugs under international control.
7.Hazardous wastes and their disposal as provided for under the base conventions.
8.All soaps and cosmetic products containing mercury.
9.Used tyres for light Commercial vehicles and passenger cars.
10.The following Agricultural and Industrial Chemicals. 
 Agricultural chemicals:Aldrin
Mercury compound
Industrial chemicalscrocidolite
 Tris (2.3 dibromopropyl) phosphate
12.Counterfeit goods of all kindMethylbromide
13.Plastic articles of less than 30 microns for the conveyance or packing of goods 
1.Postal franking machines except with written permit. 
2.Traps capable of killing or capturing any game animal.
3.Unwrought precious metals and precious stones.
4.Arms and ammunition.
5.Fuel elements of nuclear reactors.
6.Ozone Depleting Substances.
7.Non-indigenous species of fish or egg of progeny.
8.All psychotropic drugs.
9.Historic artefacts.
10.Parts of guns and ammunition, of base metal.
11.Armoured fighting vehicles.
12.Telescope sights or other optical devices suitable for use with arms.
1.Waste and scrap of ferrous cast iron; 
2.Timber from any wood grown in the Partner States;
3.Fresh unprocessed fish [Nile Perch and Tilapia]
4.Wood charcoal.

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