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Admiralty Law

Admiralty law deals with private maritime disputes. It is composed of both domestic law on maritime activities and private international law governing the relationships between private parties operating or using ocean-going ships. The firm, has a vibrant admiralty and transportation law practice focusing on transactional matters, dispute resolution, legal and regulatory compliance

Aviation Law & Practice

We advise on a full range of aviation issues including major loss, emergency response and liability as well as non-contentious work including regulation, finance and employment.

We also offer a wide range of aviation services including:-

  • iFleet procurement
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Debt Recovery
  • Environmental Claims/Toxic exposure &
  • Finance & Leasing

Banking & Finance

The firm has vast experience in the preparation of banking security documents including perfection of simple and complex legal charges and debentures for individuals and companies.

We are also proficient in the preparation of related security documents such as discharge of charges, deeds of guarantee, deeds of assignment, loan agreements, deed subordination agreements and escrow agreements.

We also review security documents for borrowers and financial institutions and advises on collateral securities, debt restructuring as well as other models of raising capital such as private equity arrangement and loan syndication.

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence involves the process of analyzing the company’s legal background, financials, assets, and operations to identify potential risks and opportunitiesbefore getting into a transaction. At A.O.WANGA ADVOCATES we offer due diligence services such as:

i. Reviewing the company’s business operations and management
ii. Reviewing of financial statements and other financial information.
iii. Reviewing the company’s business operations and management
iv. Analysing the company’s credit history
v. Identification of potential risks and liabilities and Providing recommendations for minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

Conveyancing & Property law


We act for purchasers or sellers in sale and purchase of land, apartments, commercial space and other property arrangement.

Corporate & Commercial Law


We advise on modalities of setting up new businesses, handling mergers and sale disputes, directors liability and privacy.

We draft, advise and review contracts that prevent disputes to help solidify relationships and commitments between parties.

We advise entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders and financiers on how to select the best form of financing or restructuring.

We advise individuals on how to avert bankruptcy, restart, reorganize, analyse risk and manage liability

Debt Recovery

At A.O.WANGA ADVOCATES we take the time to understand our client’s needs before offering a value-based and tailored solution. We provide excellent skip tracing of debtors after identifying their assets to establish their financial standing and capabilities.

We also offer proactive debt management by conducting regular reviews and evaluations to ensure our deliverables are achieved.

Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies

A.O.WANGA ADVOCATES offers such services like engaging stakeholders in the field of digital currencies on the development of legislation and compliance procedure as well as advising on the legal and regulatory implications of emerging technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts thus providing legal support for cryptocurrency transactions.

We also Represent cryptocurrency companies and financial institutions in litigation actions.


We advise our clients on Fintech regulations and laws, including those related to emerging technologies, data privacy, anti-money laundering, consumer protection and compliance.

We Assists our clients in formation and registration of Fintech companies. We further offer representation services to Fintech companies and financial institutions in litigation and regulatory enforcement matters.

Immigration & Citizenship



We advise and assist our clients in fulfilling their desire to travel and/or settle in Kenya in accordance with immigration laws.

We have assisted clients in obtaining visa, permits as well as citizenship in Kenya.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution



Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice focuses on solving disputes relating to employment and labour relations, environment and land disputes, constitutional human rights law, family and succession law and procurement disputes.

Our team is well equipped with skills and knowhow to guide our clients through the dispute resolution process.


Areas of Focus

  • Constitutional & Human Rights Law
  • Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Employment & Labour Relations Law
  • Family & Succession Law
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Defamation Law &
  • Policy Formulation & Legislative Drafting

 PBO & Not-For-Profit Organizations

It is common knowledge that Public Benefits Organizations play a critical role in socio-economic development of the society. PBO complement state services in the provision of social services such as education, health, environmental conservation and other socio-economic activities aimed at improving the human welfare.

It is for this reason that we are committed to assisting our PBO clients to meet the legal, regulatory and governance needs.

Procurement Law

We advise both private and state entities on:-

  • procurement planning,
  • procurement processing,
  • Inventory and asset management,
  • disposal of assets and
  • contract management

We offer legal representation and advise entities on how to resolve disputes/potential disputes that arise from the loss/damage suffered due to breach of duty imposed on a procuring entity by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015.

Real Estate & Property Law



We provide support for home buyers, investors, developers, local authorities, banks and housing corporations.

Environmental planning and compliance with regulations, licenses, tenders and public private partnerships.

Registration/recording of conveyances, leases and real estate security interests.

Tax Advisory 

Tax being one of the aspects every commercial business must encounter, there is the need for a well-tailored advice based on the ever-changing tax laws and governance regime.  

We therefore have expertise in different tax heads including Income tax for corporate bodies and other businesses, withholding tax, Custom duties, Excise duty, Stamp duty, Capital Gains Tax and Value Added Tax.

Our service ranges from Tax Compliance Checks, Tax Disputes Resolution and General Tax advisory.

Technology, Intellectual Property (IP) & Internet Law

Our Technology, Intellectual Property (IP) & Internet Law practices focus on advising tech-companies on the legal principles and legislation that govern the use of internet in all its forms.


We also advise tech-companies and individuals on their intangible assets that range from literary works to new technologies through patent, copyright and trademark registration.

Experience Highlights

  • We are currently advising a technological social enterprise developing edge technology, leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial learning and artificial intelligence, to address the communication barrier between the deaf and the hearing/blind, enabling a two-way communication with no need of the hearing/blind understanding sign language.
  • We are currently advising a tech-company on protection of their products from use by others.

Wealth & Family law

Whereas the property left by the deceased may be a reason why family members may disagree in terms of sharing, at A.O.WANGA ADVOCATES we oversees the negotiation and resolution of complex family issues involving property. Our service is aimed at reaching an outcome that is suitable for all parties.

Therefore, we employ all appropriate avenues to negotiate the best possible outcome, including family dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and if necessary, litigation.

We provide such services as:

i. Drafting and filing of Petition for Probate or appoint a personal Representative or administrator.
ii. Making urgent applications in court to allow for access of deceased bank accounts for purposes of catering for emergencies like school fees and medical expenses.
iii. Drafting an Inventory of assets.
iv. Defending any claims from third parties.
v. Paying off the deceased debts
vi. Distributing the net estate to the beneficiaries.
vii. Arranging for release of any foreign assets. And
viii. Mediating disputes concerning the distribution of the net estate between beneficiaries.